Justice for the 57

Firstly, this song is not to exploit or capitalize a situation that has occurred. This song is merely the only way I know how to react and process issues that go on as emotionally aching as this. This piece was done in love and with good intentions.
As soon as I seen this: nativenewsonline.net/currents/man-a…nd-not-guilty/
I immediately began writing and found the right beat I had in store.
Justice for the 57. I pray those youth and other youth alike do not grow wary of traveling outside of where we come from. This world is all of ours to travel and explore. The fact that people can get away with this kind of hate is one that saddens me but also prepares me for the continued fight for love and peace.



"Not guilty" they all silly and race-hatin'
We guilty when glance drivin' and place-stayin'
We die when value keepin' and place savin'
They live when eco-killin' and place takin'
Our love's ancient, but hardened amongst the rough patches
Tears dried into cracked faces that hug madness
Features aged in half the time that the others take
But i'd rather die fightin' than live in a still pace
Life's great, but obstacles make the happy earned
Had to learn young that the latter is what the glad is worth
Pass the urn as i keep on pouring my all in songs
Hoping that these poems help instead of keeping on the wrong
We each provide a song in expression
Some are lessons
Others lessen the tension that mix the messages
Some are medicine
Working as sacred sedatives
Making you think twice of the self-killin' we test against
My only wish is for smiles and happy relatives
Those I never met, and those that I'm set up against
Just keeping it on until the struggle ends
Standing up with stubbornness
Resilience in a subtle grip
Muzzled kids - beer bathed - and exit hurting
Returned clean - but justice systems will play dirty
I got love for those never met - hope they stay searching
For that education after flag songs at 8:30
And to the man who walks home free
I hope that when you dream you get those things
That teach you what you've done and you hear that we've won
Because the righteous always prevail under Creator's sun
In this life or the next
I wish you well, although my anger's fresh
Don't wish you hell, and this goes to my youngin's
React but don't act like attackers to your cousins
And maybe, we'll find a life without the resentment
Just wishing for the best
Justice for 57
Justice for all the people fightin' against the evil
just living daily lives trying to just be people
Trying to just be equal
I'm not a lawyer or a God
Just an artist trying hard to elaborate in a song
Every voice is sacred. I'm trying to use my gift
Even if it's mixed in contradiction and this
Frustration towards American systems
Wish we could all work together and listen
Without a double standard, without discrimination
So I keep on lovin' until my final statement

Justice for the 57
No resentment
Justice for the 57
No resentment
We pray for justice
Pray for equality
Pray for peace for all of our children to see
Judge Eric Strawn
Don't teach your children wrong
Show 'em that the justice is just - just for all