unentered poem

Your hair flows free
Like the thoughts inside
You stand in strength
Casting hate aside

I can see your eyes know pain
As do mine
Yet beauty remains
In their resilient shine

Your smile, a gift
I wish to cause and earn
Your voice’s every inflection
I wish to hear and learn

This world can be cruel
But you see as I do
Still opening yourself
To the world, and to you

They harass, I know
From the planes to septa trains
So, please understand
If I slightly refrain

In a world full of hate
I want only to show love to you
And that is why I deeply fear
Making you feel uncomfortable

No, this poem is not a catcall
But it’d feel all the same
If our friendship were to end
With my feelings in the blame

Your conversations pick me up
And I know that worst of all
Would be the end of us
Preceding my deep fall

My heart longs for your presence
Filling in my void
My mind says my presence
Couldn’t bring an equal joy

You see, my complication
Heart and mind not as one
Though my soul feels as though
You and I are one

Self-deprecation, my enemy
Lack of ego, my foe
Too afraid to roll the dice
Which may let our friendship go

My heart longs you’ll read this
And put together all the pieces
But my mind fears just that, and
Contemplates if I should delete this