"Second And First Thoughts"

As of recent, I have contributed to a project headed by one of my favorite people on Earth and great mentor, Charles (Chaz) Howard - the Chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania. The project is called "Gun Free World" and aims to challenge the views and attitudes towards the use of guns, rather than trying to change policy.
When Chaz asked me to do a piece for this project, I had to sit myself down seriously and really think about how I honestly feel on this topic. It's different for me, because I understand the history my ancestors have had with protecting themselves and hunting. Long ago, our hunting rights were taken away from us, and now as a result of our resistances and fights for justice, we are once again able to hunt on our lands. In a sense, I look to that right and that history, and while I agree that we must not let that go to waste, the fact that we've faced a colonization and development in society that says we need guns to protect ourselves and to hunt kinda bothers me. I feel like the worries of today aren't what they used to be.
With all that, my second thought is the following. I believe in Creator and his plan for me, whatever that may be. While whatever struggles I have get hard, I respect and honor them with great pride as I know they were put there for a reason. I thank Creator for his tests each day, and at the same time, I feel this understanding that if it comes down to it - whatever happens, happens. Call me crazy, stupid, whatever, but I don't want to allow myself to be controlled by outer forces and threats to a point where I carry anything other than my heart, spirit, and voice with me. Ending with one blow just doesn't sound like my style, and if that's something that gets quickly ended or cast to the side due to its perceived ignorance in a changed society, hechetu - so be it.

More info on the project "Gun Free World" can be found be searching for it on FB and Twitter - also the website: www.GunFreeWorld.com

Here are the lyrics:

they told me

get a new glock

whether illegal or not

you'll be protected with shots

but the problem at home was the shots

throw back 20 and my pops all funny

now we drink pop

we used to hunt for our food - and we got

that government stealin our crop


now we livin like off

gotta have somethin that's got

bullets to pop

the bows that shoot that arrows in stock

so strong they that might as well just be more glocks


they took it away

our rights to hunt in those darker days

gave us the thangs that blew us away

now today we starvin and harmin each other for our sibling's box


never used to have to lock a tipi

never had to see it on tv

never used to act so greedy

tell me when you take those shots


are you killing me or you killin you?

i know your scared because im scared too

but what i know i aint a damn fool

they'd shoot us then, they'd shoot us now too

what difference does a gun make?


i know if i go

creator will take me to whole

other travels solo

a gun only makes me feel low

today if i go

at least i will know

i tried not to kill with one blow

if they the ones cold

then let them be cold

show em your soul

if they blast it away because you werent armed with a tray - then that's how my story's goes


they told me

get a new glock

whether illegal or not

protect yourself from the cops

but im red savage and talk

my spirit is different and not what they want

so you can take every shot

im barely tipsy - the evil is on it's new watch

i barely afforded this brand new watch


call the cops i belong here

whether they kill me or not

my trust is in and has always been within tunkash-ila (creator/god/grandfather in Lakota/Dakota)