Valhalla Diner was released January'17.

Red Hippy Forever was released October'16. Forever.

I Can't Sing But I Do It Anyway was released January'16. Self-explanatory - just having some fun.

Rabbit and Coyote was released December'15. It tells the story of a rabbit finding way through the world of coyote.

Contradiction was released November'15. My promo/quality/timing sucks usually, but I really just need to get this material out.

Tanka was released in July'15. "Tanka" means big in Dakota. My mother's side always called me this.

The Shirobon EP was released in May'15. It is an ode to the video game franchise Bomberman and anime Bomberman Jetters

Sake was released in March'15. "Sake" means Talon in Dakota. My grandpa called me this, and showed me that I could say so much more in my songs. Here's 51 of them. My younger brother Taran Ducheneaux is responsible for the awesome cover art!

Grooves In My Heart was released in July'14, during one of the more emotionally/mentally challenging summers of my life.

LYSV was released in March'14, on my 21st birthday. The very talented Dyana So is responsible for the beautiful cover art.

Tall Grass Ahead was released in Oct'13. It symbolizes the way I was raised by my parents and mentors, to live with tall grass ahead of me. Avoiding the ready-made paths.